Week in Burlington, VT

I have this week off from work, (with the exception of Memorial Day) this is the first time I’ve had time off since March… so I am savoring every minute of it. As you may have gathered, Mark has not moved into the apartment yet, he has an internship in Burlington. So, I’m up visiting him for the week.

Let me just be blunt… I love Burlington. Having never been here before, it has been a blast exploring the city while Mark has been at work. Downtown is super cute, everyone bikes everywhere… there is a whole bike path network that covers the city, and they have the biggest co-op I have ever been to, City Market. Did I mention the lake, I love lakes (hence my summer employment)… and Lake Champlain is one of the prettiest lakes I have ever seen, it’s surrounded by rolling hills and mountains that fade into the distance.

My first day here was Monday, (we spent the weekend in Deerfield at Mark’s parents, and double dated with Mark’s brother and his girlfriend. We went to see Midnight in Paris then went to Flat Street Brew Pub and Tap Room, Mark’s Dad’s restaurant venture in Brattleboro, VT. Go… its really good and right off the highway).

Anywho… Monday: I took it upon myself to figure out the city. So I set off on a walking tour from Mark’s apartment and 9 miles later, I had seen most of Downtown, the Co-op (where I met Mark for lunch), Church Street (a pedestrian only street), the lake front and UVM’s campus. I pretty much had Burlington figured out, and the sore feet to prove it. I wasn’t wearing sneakers because I never intended to walk that far, but I felt a need to take in the whole city. Then when Mark got home he took me to Shelburne Farms, a really pretty farm on the lake… we’re going back for breakfast on Saturday. We cooked in for dinner… veggie pita pizza. I didn’t take pictures, I know silly me. It’s a regular so fear not…

On Tuesday, I went for a bike ride, and then I met Mark at Red Rocks Park for lunch… I packed us pitas filled with greens, tomatoes, red peppers, cheese, (turkey for Mark) and honey mustard. I also packed 2 apples and some jalapeno chips.

When Mark got home we went for a 3 mile run along the bike path near his apartment. We had drinks and dinner at American Flatbread. They use local organic ingredients and they brew their own beer, called Zero Gravity… it was really good. I got an IPA (front) and Mark a Scotch Ale (back).

For dinner we got a brick oven pizza… you can watch them make it, so cool. Half had mushrooms, tomatoes and herb pesto. The other half had mushrooms and caramelized onions.

Then we went for a walk down by the lake and watched the sun set. We also got a Maple Creamee (soft serve maple ice cream… yum)

Wednesday, I had relaxing morning… I went to Oakledge Park, went for a short walk and finished In Defense of Food by Michael Pollan. Mark met me for lunch; we had a repeat of Tuesday’s lunch. When he got home we did another 3 mile run and went to dinner at The Farm House Tap and Grill. They also use local, fresh ingredients. We got some local beers and a cheese board… a goat/sheep/cow mixture cheese and one similar to Gouda (the one on the left).

For entrées I got a corn griddle cake (picture a cornbread pancake) piled high with sautéed mushrooms and wilted kale. Mark got a burger made with local grass fed beef… he said it was the best burger he’s ever had… you could taste the difference. Then Mark talked me into rhubarb pie, it had a crumble topping and was delicious. The lights were too dim for pictures at this point… sorry

We’re actually cooking tonight… so, more to come on that later. On the docket: cous cous soup, local bread with local hummus and a blueberry peach pie… however the menu is subject to change. I picked up the ingredients after I met Mark for lunch at Stone Soup… a great vegetarian place recommended by Mark’s boss

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