Fluffy Omelets

This weekend I went to Mark’s parent’s house. Not sure if you are feeling the heat wave, but it has been like the living in the Sahara desert for the past few days. Mark and I went for a 3 mile run on Saturday afternoon, in about 98 degree heat. I felt surprisingly good, but I was sweating buckets. When we got back, we went for a quick dip in the Deerfield River to cool off. I made us some omelets for a late lunch. Mark has recently discovered that he actually likes eggs, so we’ve been eating a fair amount of them lately. Not sure if you know this but eggs are back on the good for you list. I don’t really buy into the good or bad for you deal but I do support “all things in moderation”.  I went all out for these omelets, whipping up the whites to make them super light and fluffy. It’s time consuming but totally worth it if you have the time. Also, when separating the eggs (yoke from white), I recommend cutting out a yolk or two, you still get all the flavor of the yoke but less of the cholesterol (and calories). After you whip up the eggs, gently fold the yolks into the whites and spoon the mixture into your pan. I also like to broil the tops of mine so the top side gets golden brown as well. We sautéed some veggies in one pan and some turkey kielbasa in another (for Mark’s omelet), to keep mine vegetarian.


Fluffy Omelets

Makes 2 omelets

4 eggs, separated (I used only 3 of the yolks)

¼- ½ tsp cream of tartar

4 tbs of oil

½ bell pepper sliced or diced

¼ medium onion sliced or diced

½ tomato, diced

2-4 oz of precooked turkey kielbasa (optional, I’m not sure how much Mark ended up dicing up)


To separate the eggs you need 2 bowls, one large and one small, crack the egg over the large bowl and try to get as much of the white in the bowl, while keeping the yolk in one of the shell halves. Transfer the yolk back and forth between the two shell halves, over the big bowl… trying to get as much of the white into the bowl as possible… try really hard not to break the yolk. Place the yolk in the smaller bowl and repeat with the remaining eggs. I just tossed out the last yolk. If you drop a yolk into the big bowl, try to scoop it out carefully with a spoon, without breaking it.


Whip the whites on high with an electric mixer until stiff peaks form, add in the cream of tartar and whip to incorporate it. Then add in yolks and carefully fold them into the whites with a rubber spatula. Do this very gently so that all of the air you whipped in does not come out. Once combined, spoon into a frying pan heated over medium heat and coated with cooking spray or a bit of oil.

We made 2 separate omelets, in order to customize our toppings. Let the omelets cook for about 5 mins until the underside is brown and the top is firm. While they cook, sauté the veggies (and meat) in some olive oil. (I did not sauté the tomatoes, I let the broiler cook them). Arrange veggies over the top of the firmed omelets.

Place the omelet about 4-6 inches below a preheated broiler. This will take only a minute, as soon as the tops start to brown pull them out. They can burn very quickly because the boiler can get really, really hot. Also the handle of the pan may get hot, so use caution.

Remove the omelet from the pan. Dress the omelet up how you’d like… I opted for black pepper on top and ketchup on the side. Mark doused his with black pepper and sriracha … he likes his spice.

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