Spice Drawer Organization

My schedule at work has changed, on Wednesdays I have to go in early, which means I get out at 3:00. This past Wednesday, I worked on a little project with my extra 2 and half hours of free afternoon. I reorganized my spice drawer.

I know, totally cool thing to do with your afternoon, but it looks awesome. We buy our spices in bulk at City Market Coop, which I love because I can buy as much or as little as I need. The one pitfall is that unless you bring your own containers, you have to use the little baggies provided. So needless to say, I had a whole draw full of unlabeled baggies of various spices… I often relied on the smell test to identify the difference between smoked paprika, cayenne and Cajun spice… all a crimson color. Not to mention it’s not good for the environment… all that plastic.

I bought a 12-pack of 4 oz mason jars and printed up some labels with a cute little font. With the labels placed on the lids, I can quickly pull open the drawer and identify my spice of choice. The sealed jars will also keep my spices fresher and more flavorful than the bags do. At some point in the future, I plan to purchase another set of jars to house my growing spice collection.

When a spice runs out, I can bring the jar to the coop, weigh it, record the tare weight (weight of the jar) and fill it up. At the register they can subtract the weight of the jar, so you’re just paying for the spice. Buying in bulk is so much cheaper than buying the pre-bottled stuff and there are more options available…


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2 responses to “Spice Drawer Organization

  1. Will M

    Two and a half hours organizing the spice drawer, and another four hours setting up artsy shots of the spice containers haha. Nice post Maggie!

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