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Adult Beverages-Infused Vodka

This past Saturday, I decided to be green and ride my bike the Shelburne Farmer’s Market (14.3 miles round trip), so I hopped on my trusty Trek mountain bike and headed towards the market. After cresting a big hill, I turned right onto Spear Street and was stopped by a police officer, who was directing traffic for the USA Triathlon National Championships. And just my luck they were all headed in the same direction as me… so I peddled along the opposite shoulder of these athletes, who are the 10% of triathletes in the country. They whizzed past me on bikes that cost more than my car, I did keep pace going up a large hill. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, I turned off the course and headed towards the farmers market, where I picked up some eggs, kale, tomatoes and eggplant. On my way back, I was riding in the opposite direction of the last of the bikers, so I offered a few words of encouragement.

Later that day, after hitting up the co-op for more food, my cousin Kevin arrived for a visit. We took him to Duino Duende for dinner and the Three Needs for a few drinks. On Sunday we all hiked Stowe Pinnacle, though it was only a short 3 mile round trip trek, it offered awesome views across the valley to Mount Mansfield and Camels Hump.

Afterwards, we headed to Bolton Potholes, a set of waterfalls that you can jump off of into pools of water below. There is one part where you can jump off a 20 foot cliff  into a 3ft by 3ft pool carved into solid rock by the water fall. We steered clear of that because people have died there. Then we headed back to Burlington and hopped on our bikes and went to Red Rocks Park for some more cliff jumping into Lake Champlain. I also got the chance to test out my “new” bike. It was my mom’s old road bike, that Kevin fixed up for me… I think it’ll be fun to pick up the pace a little bit on the bike path with a vintage road bike. Thanks, Kev!

It was hard to get up and go to work on Monday after such a fun weekend, but it had to be done.

Enough about my weekend and on to the booze! I heard about this listening to the Joy the Baker Podcast at work, and had to try it… I mean com on: Strawberry Infused Vodka! And it’s so easy

750ml of vodka

2 pints of strawberries

1 glass jar, roughly 1 liter

Slice up the strawberries and place them in the jar, top with vodka and cap.

Place the jar in a cool dark place for 3 days, giving it a little shake a few times a day… the strawberries turn white, it’s weird

The strain the vodka through a strainer or coffee filter. You can eat the strawberries, but warning, you will get drunk, they are pretty potent.

We mixed our vodka with some plain seltzer, a splash of limeade and some ice

the color matches the name on the jar…


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