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Pineapple Stir Fry with Sweet and Sour Sauce

Sorry for the hiatus in blogging… but I checked out of the real world for a week and went on the most amazing vacation ever with Mark and his family, to Ambergris Cay, Turks and Caicos (many, many thanks to his parents for taking us on vacation!).

Reasons it was the best vacation ever:

1. We had our own little corner of paradise

2. It has the whitest beaches and most turquoise water I’ve ever seen… great for body surfing!

3. It was full of neat looking rocks (limestone and ooids!)

4. I got to go on some beautiful runs and got in some hill training

5. I got to finish the Ripple Effect

6. It has the largest population of rock Iguanas in the world… which Mark enjoyed

7. And most importantly,  I got to spend time with my second family, in one of the most beautiful places ever.

While we were there, we were responsible for bringing/cooking our own food. Mark and I contributed two nights by making curry and stir fry. Mark’s mom cooked the rest… best dish… caramelized banana pancakes.

The stir fry is my dad’s creation. He used to make it all the time when I was little. It gets it sweetness from pineapple and a sprinkle of brown sugar and its sour from a splash of rice vinegar

Pineapple Stir Fry with Sweet and Sour Sauce

1 cup of rice or quinoa

2 cups of water

2 tablespoons of olive oil

1/2 a large onion, diced

1 cup of baby carrots, sliced in rounds

1/2 a bell pepper, diced

1 cup of button mushrooms quartered

1 1/2 cups of cubed pineapple (fresh or canned)

1/4 cup of soy sauce

1/4 cup of rice wine vinegar

1/4 of stir fry sauce

1 scant tablespoon of hosin

1/4 cup of water

Splash of pineapple juice

1 teaspoon of cayenne

1/2 tablespoon of brown sugar

1-2 tablespoons of flour to thicken sauce

Bring the rice/quinoa and water to a boil and cook according to the package directions. Heat the olive oil in a large skillet over medium heat. Add the onion and sauté for 2 minutes. Then add in the carrots and sauté for 5 minutes. Then add in the bell pepper and sauté for 3 more minutes. Then add in the mushrooms and sauté another 3 minutes. Then add in the pineapple and sauté for 1 more minute. Add in the soy sauce, rice vinegar, water, stir fry sauce, hosin, cayenne and brown sugar. Stir and let reduce for a minute, then add in flour, stir until all the lumps are gone, add more four if it is too thin. Cook for 1 more minute to take away the raw taste of the raw taste of the four. Serve veggies over rice (and sautéed greens)


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Pineapple Topped Veggie Burgers with a Corn and Black Bean Salad

On Sunday, Mark made his signature breakfast, “the Bagel Melt”. It consists of a bagel, his was jalapeno cheddar, with cream cheese, sautéed onions and cheese (a combo of pepper jack and Gouda). He has been on a bagel melt kick pretty much since I took him to my hometown bagel shop for breakfast 2 years ago. After that very filling breakfast, we headed out, rain jackets in hand, to Watkins Glen State Park. Brace yourself for another geo-nerd moment… the gorge was formed when the land began to rebound back up after the heavy glaciers, which had been pushing down on the land, receded out of NY at the end of the last ice age. As a result of the uplift, the river cut down into the bedrock and formed the gorge… ok done.

We hiked all along the Gorge Trail and a bit of the Indian trail… it was absolutely amazing (even though I’ve been numerous times) and on the plus side the gorge kind of acted as a natural rain shield when it did start to rain.

On the way back we stopped off at Four Chimneys Winery, the oldest organic winery in America… we ended up with a bottle of dry, oaky, white wine, which was delicious… even beer drinking Mark enjoyed a small amount.

For dinner, Mark suggested grilled pineapple and veggie burgers. Then he suggested putting the pineapple on top of the veggie burgers… genius idea (I’ve taught him well). We picked up some Morning Star black bean burgers (my favorite veggie burgers), a pineapple and some fixing to make a corn and black bean salad. We found some beautiful tri-color cherry tomatoes (hydroponically grown in state) for the salad.

I might also add that during dinner Mark said, “I don’t think these would be as good with ‘real’ burgers.” Those are the words any vegetarian cook wants to hear! The combination of the sweet pineapple with the spicy cheese and the Mexican flavors of the veggie burgers are a really winning combination.

Pineapple Topped Veggie Burgers with a Corn and Black Bean Salad

Serves 2


2 Morning Star black bean burgers

2  ½ inch slices of pineapple

2 slices of pepper jack cheese

Buns if you so choose (Mark had one and I didn’t)


2 cup of corn kernels

1 cup of black beans

1 cup of cherry tomatoes cut in quarters

¼ cup of feta cheese

Preheat the grill. Place burgers and pineapple slices on the grill, brown on both sides. Once flipped, add the cheese slices to the veggie burgers. Remove when browned and the cheese is melted.

For the salad combine all of the ingredients, toss gently and serve.

To assemble, prepare bun, layer the pineapple on top of the burger. The cheese kind of acts as a glue. We topped our burgers with a scoop of the salad, and also ate some salad on the side. I also brought outside some pineapple peach chipotle salsa, BBQ sauce and ketchup, just in case but none are necessary.


Here’s to another weekend soon with my favorite grilling partner… what a great weekend of hiking and eating!

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